Rebecca Love

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We recently contacted Rebecca Love about coming to SCORE to shoot some of that super-hot XXX she did a few years ago and found out that she's no longer doing sex scenes. That's a shame because Rebecca is the real deal when there's a camera and a dude with a boner in the same zip code. This scene from Big Tit Fuck Fest shows the slim 'n' stacked redhead working over Anthony's prick like she's aiming for a gold medal in the Fuck Olympics. From licking off the whipped cream she's sprayed on his nuts and bolt to riding while a torrent of sex talk flows out of her dirty mouth, the girl-next-door is one of the hottest, most unleashed and nastiest girls to ever high-heel her way into our studio. The way she devours a man's dick with her mouth and cunt is a nut-maker. She really gets down and dirty which is how porn should be. "I don't mind cunt," Rebecca said about sexual slang words. "Cunt's good. When I'm fucking, I will say every dirty, fucking thing in the book. Cock. Fuck. Slut. Whore. Whatever." What's Rebecca's extra secret? She's got that wholesome country girl face which looks even nicer with a hard-on in her mouth.