Sweetie Care Premiere Porn

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Very much a girl-next-door, Sweetie Care became a webcam model after a friend suggested she "unleash her sexy side." Our photographer chats with Sweetie about modeling before Stirling Cooper arrives. "It's been super-duper fun," Sweetie tells him. They talk about lingerie, something that Sweetie, like all girls, loves as gifts, and toys also. Sweetie chats about sex. She loves spanking, dirty talking, boob play and licking and pinching nipples. When she takes her bra off, we get to see her huge tits and how beautifully shaped they are. Her nipples are very large and prominent. She plays with her tits as she talks to him, tries on different bras and tops and bends over to show the camera her tush. Big-breast lover Stirling shows up and is introduced to Sweetie. He looks very happy. We should hope so. She tells him what she likes sexually and shows him how she likes her breasts played with. He joins in from behind Sweetie, pinching her nipples and fondling her soft body. He puts Sweetie on her back to suck her nipples and has her suck them too. They make out for a few seconds. Stirling drops his pants and gives Sweetie his cock to suck on, stopping to rub it on her tongue, then putting it back in her mouth. Sweetie cups her tits in an "offering" pose while she sucks his dick. The perfect position to have her great, big tits fucked. She lies back so Stirling can spread and lick her shaved pussy. Turning Sweetie on her side, he starts to stud her, building up speed and power. The sound of cock pounding pussy is loud and mixed with their heavy breathing and moans. Sweetie gets on her hands and knees, her back to Stirling. Her wet pussy pulls him in deep and he resumes his deep thrusts. He instinctively spanks her ass cheeks. They are irresistible. After Sweetie rides Stirling's dick in cowgirl, he indulges in one of the tit-man's favorite hobbies, fucking a pair of big, oiled boobs pressed tightly together, and with Sweetie, he has a very special pair of breasts to cum on.