Summer Sinns Greatest Tits

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SCORE's editors know the formula for domestic bliss. Her name is Summer Sinn. Give all men a wife like Summer and there would be such peace, joy and happiness in the home that the very concept of divorce would be met with the mass reply, "Fuck, no!" Sadly, there is only one Summer Sinn and several billion males. Happily, Summer decided to go into the exciting field of big-bust modeling and let us watch her perform her mouth and mammary magic. Over the years, Summer has scared the living shit out of us by talking about getting a breast reduction. In this video we call Summer Sinn's Greatest Tits, Summer does what she is so expert at: emptying the bloated balls of horn dogs and tit-lovers with her amazing, huge, 43-inch, 34GG torpedoes and vacuum-cleaner of a mouth. Scene one is from My Tits Open All Doors. Scene two is Scoring Summer Sinn from the DVD Stacked & Suckin'. Scene three is A Sinnful Body from the DVD Busty Cock Worshippers #2. Scene four is from the DVD Sweater Stretchers with Morgan Leigh toying her pussy while Summer is fed the dick and boob-banged. When Summer says "Cum all over my big titties," just do it. Because she's Summer Sinn. All tits. All mouth. All right!