Boob Cruising With Daria

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With Daria, every day is smooth sailing. Daria took to boating like a born sailor. With the sun warming her curvy body, the wind at her back, her little captain's cap adding to her cuteness, her heavy, natural boobs in your face, Daria took in the sights and sounds. It was the kind of day she thought it would be. With this visit and her trip to the Caribbean for On Location North Coast with seven other big-boobed babes, and her earlier trips to Europe when she began modeling, Daria's getting used to traveling the world. "I love to drink wine by the sea, think about the universe and enjoy the moment. It makes me very happy. If I had a lot of money, I'd try to solve some ecological problems. There is always money for developing global economy but never enough to protect our planet but we have to understand that there is no other Earth."