Andi James is a horny 50PlusMILF

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In today's installment of 50Plus MILFs Who Can't Keep Their Fingers Out of Their Pussies, big-titted redhead Andi James fingers her hairy hole while giving you plenty of jack talk for encouragement. Not that we need much encouragement when this sexy 52-year-old divorcee and mom is in our line of sight, but it's nice nonetheless. 50PlusMILFs: How did we find you? Andi: I found you. I was just sorta carousing around the Internet and I saw an ad and just thought I would answer it. 50PlusMILFs: Did you know what it was for? Andi: I didn't, really. I wanted to explore it. I thought it might just be a photo shoot in sexy lingerie. So I called and found out what it was all about. 50PlusMILFs: And your reaction was? Andi: "I want to give it a try." 50:PlusMILFs: No hesitation whatsoever? Andi: Well, I wouldn't say there was no hesitation, but I was really ready to do some exploration. I've done some sexual exploration throughout the past 15 years or so, so this is new territory, and I thought I'd try this, too. Why not? 50PlusMILFs: Had doing this ever crossed your mind before? Andi: Honestly, no. I like to watch porn, but I never thought I would do it, and one of the reasons I thought I would never do it is because of my age. It absolutely surprised me because I think the audiences want to see younger women. 50PlusMILFs: Young guys never hit on you? Andi: You know, they do sometimes, and I'm surprised by that. I don't understand it, but I guess some younger guys like older women who maybe know themselves a little better and what they like.