The big-titty MILF from New York City

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"I've always gotten a lot of attention, especially when I go to the beach, but it doesn't faze me anymore as long as the attention is nice," said Janessa Loren, a 44-year-old native New Yorker who showed off her big rack and sexual skills for the first time at SCORELAND. Considering the success of our DVD series Big Racks, Hot MILFs, we thought it was time to remind ourselves of Janessa's titty greatness. When she came to us, Janessa was a personal assistant working in Manhattan. She has a super-curvy body and all-natural G-cup tits. Janessa started to develop chestily at age 11 and reached her current size at 14. But Janessa doesn't dress to show off her chest. She low-keys it, so you won't see her walking around New York in tank-tops or low-cut sweaters with bulging cleavage mounds. But in this scene, you will see her talking about her tits, showing off her tits, suffocating a lucky, 21-year-old dude with her tits and sucking and fucking his cock. That's something she had never done on-camera before she came to our studio and something she doesn't plan on doing again. She's a girl-next-door, not a porn star, and she did this for the fun of it. "I actually know a photographer in New York who does a lot of art but also a lot of erotica," Janessa explained. "It's all very tasteful stuff. He had sent girls to you before and he talked to me about it and said you guys are the best. So he was the one who recommended you to me. "The funny thing is when I was growing up, I never thought about my boobs," Janessa said. "But as I grew up and saw movies, pictures and whatever else, I realized one day that they were pretty awesome to have. So now I really like my boobs. I love my body now. I have to thank every Latin singer who has come out in these past few years. My body type wasn't considered to be special back then. These bombshell bodies, you know? It took from about the late-'90s to now where these bombshell bodies are considered sexy." Was there really a time when mature women like Janessa weren't considered sexy? That's hard to believe.