The Fucking Machine

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Helen and Erin Star, wearing identical grey bed-clothes, are asleep in their cottage when Dave video-phones with their challenge. Helen is the first to awaken. She wakes up her sister and they wait for Dave to tell them what they will be doing. "Hello, girls. I'm going to keep this short and sweet: I, as well as every other SCORE Man and V-Man, has always fantasized about sisters. You two are the bustiest, sexiest, most-beautiful sisters I've ever seen, and I want you to put on a show for me. We want to know which Star sister is sexier." A sisterly feud starts right away. "I'm sexier," says Erin. "I'm sexier," counters Helen. The girls peel off their thin sleep-ware and put on a sexy show, gyrating, grinding, squeezing their huge natural tits, licking their nipples and rubbing their shaved-slick pussies. "Great show, girls, but we're not done yet," Dave tells them. "What I've always dreamed of is having sex with two sisters, and this might be the best chance I ever get. I'd like you girls to get up and walk to the veranda and see what I have for you." And what's in store is....