Brittany Elizabeth Three Cheers For Big Tits

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Brittany Elizabeth's excitement and exuberance leaps out of the monitor when she introduces her video. Being a SCORE Girl is something she's wanted very badly. She's a high-energy lady. Brittany has the great bod, the huge, huge tits and the pretty face. And she can talk the talk. If you love to hear jerk-off encouragement coming from a hottie with a sexy voice, Brittany will blow your pants off. Brittany knew about SCORE from her husband, from seeing the magazine and from friends. Born in Florida and now living in Hawaii, she naturally loves spending time at the beach. Brittany is very flexible. Just watch her make the V for victory sign with her shapely legs. "I was a cheerleader for nine years. I run and I cycle to stay in shape and I want to try aerial yoga. I love to cook, bake and decorate." Especially decorating her fantasy body with tight tops and sexy outfits. "I only wear bras when I go out. As soon as I get home, my bra comes off."