This MILF is a very bad girl

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"Hi. How are you today?" 59-year-old divorcee, mother, grandmother and first-timer Sandy Pierce says at the start of this video. "I'm feeling very horny and very sexy. Do you like this dress?" Yes. Very much. We like that it's short and tight. "I call it my Good Girl/Bad Girl dress. Here's the Good Girl side," Sandy says, then she turns around and says, "And this is the Bad Girl side. I can be a good girl or I can be a bad girl. You'll just have to decide what kind of mood you're in." We're in the mood for Bad Girl. "And I'll decide what mood I'm in. Let's start with the bad girl." Good idea. Before long, Sandy is playing with her nipples and spreading her legs, then she takes out her toys. One goes inside her pussy. The other buzzes her clit. Sandy cums. Good girl! Or do we mean bad girl? Damn, our minds go batty when a hot MILF is getting off for us. Sandy, who's from Detroit, Michigan and lives in Palm Beach, Florida, told us, "I've broken in a 21-year-old virgin more than once. The last time wasn't more than a few years ago. Both guys still want to spend time with me. Crazy!" Nope. Not crazy at all. Perfectly sane and reasonable. Tomorrow, Sandy will have sex with a 26-year-old who's not a virgin. In other words, she'll be Sandy Bad Girl. By the way, until now, Sandy had never been Sandy Bad Girl on-camera. Good for us.