Alexsis Faye Busty Bathing Beauty In The Buff

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Any time with sexy stunner Alexsis Faye is quality time. In this video, Alexsis strips, plays and showers. More playing than showering and that's fine. SCORELAND: Alexsis, would you describe your sexiest fantasy? Alexsis: Having dinner at seaside with feet in the sand, drinking champagne then walking barefoot on the beach under the moonlight and finding a spot away from other peoples' eyes to make love. SCORELAND: Do you have a favorite masturbation toy and why? Alexsis: My favorite toy is the Magic Wand. It's better than a boyfriend and it doesn't need more than five minutes to make me cum. SCORELAND: Do you experience jealousy from other girls? Alexsis: Every day! For example, my neighbor was staring at my cleavage while his wife frowned. SCORELAND: What makes your nipples the stiffest? Alexsis: When the temperature is under zero. Also when they are sucked! SCORELAND: Have you ever had an orgasm from breast stimulation? Alexsis: I've heard about it but I am still waiting for the expert Prince Charming who can make that happen. SCORELAND: Thanks. It's always a pleasure.