Olivia Jackson HardSCORE XXX

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The SCORELAND video editors, guys who have seen and edited thousands of scenes, thought that superbusty and booty-rich Olivia Jackson had lots of prior modeling experience. "I always wanted to model," says naturally blessed Olivia. "But I never did. I never thought I could pursue it because you see the magazines and these girls look beautiful and perfect. Everybody has little things they don't like about their bodies." Olivia was encouraged to contact BeASCOREModel by a friend. Olivia is from Las Vegas. She has never been a stripper although she enjoys going to strip clubs with her girlfriends. "No, I'm not a stripper," Olivia said. "I get that a lot, too. People who meet me for the first time, I have to tell them, 'No, I've never been a stripper' and 'Yes, my boobs are real.' Because there are so many fake boobs in Las Vegas and I'm from Vegas so they think all girls with boobs this size are strippers. My boobs are huge so they just stick out no matter what I wear, and my butt is big so it does the same thing no matter what I put on. If I don't look like I'm dressing for the Amish, people assume I'm a stripper. "I usually wear shirts that cover my neckline as much as possible, and the bottom part, I like to wear pencil skirts and pencil dresses, but I do try to cover my breasts. My breasts are large enough that it's just too much to wear anything that is revealing or will make them look even bigger."