Take Her To The Maxx

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Kelli Maxx has a chat with the director. Kelli says she's not a talker. She's more of a doer. A body language girl more than a chatty girl. After a few minutes, Kelli loosens up and slips off her outfit to reveal her fantastic body. Does Kelli work-out? "Sometimes I hula-hoop. Does that count?" What are Kelli's hobbies? "I like to travel, watch documentaries and masturbate a lot." We know the answer to this question but we asked anyway: Does Kelli have any special talents? "I can hide all sorts of things between and under my boobs. That's been my big talent since I was a teenager." Is Kelli into any kinky fetishes? "I dabble in findom [A fetish in which men are financially dominated. Some might call that marriage.] but other than that I like to get straight down to it." What kind of dates does Kelli like to go on? "I'm old-fashioned. I like going to dinner and seeing a movie. And ending the night in bed."