A Busty Dream

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SCORELAND Girls are very difficult to find. Juliana Simms is here because a reader noticed her (we would expect no less from a dedicated reader) and walked over to her. He introduced himself and asked if she ever thought of modeling. That got the conversation going, and later on, Juliana was scrolling through the SCORELAND website, checking out what the other girls built like her were doing. Luckily, Juliana was very interested and got several all expenses-paid trips to scenic Prague as well. "Boys started to notice me at 15 because of my big boobs," the Voluptuous magazine covergirl said. When Juliana speaks, it's fairly easy to not stare at her chest because she has a lovely face and a bright, inviting smile that beams out. But she says she likes when we stare at her flesh pillows. She's a happy girl who enjoys her life. What's an average night like for Juliana? "If I am alone, I like to watch TV, maybe take a walk with a friend. If I am with a man, I like sex more than watching TV." Juliana started laughing while she was saying this last sentence. She's not used to talking about sex on-camera. But Juliana did admit that she likes sex at night, not early in the morning.