Peeing Teen

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Cadey is about to explode! Good thing she's in the shower; no mess to clean up! Watch as she unleashes her golden flood. "Peeing in the shower is fun. I think it's funny when people say they don't go in the shower. I mean, what's the big deal? For us girls, it's the only time we can pee standing up without having to worry about cleaning up the mess after." We asked Cadey if she'd ever peed in front of someone before. "Just my girlfriends when we go to the bathroom together. It's no big deal for us to pee or shower or change in front of each other. Now that you mention it...I've seen lots of guys pee because they just whip their dicks out and go wherever, but a guy has never watched me pee. I'm not against it though. It would be kind of fun if a guy watched me one day when I had to squat behind a bush because there was no toilet nearby."