Natasha Sweets Big Tit Training

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Natasha Sweet's personal trainer Dom takes personal training to a higher level. Anyone who trained Natasha would be hard at work. First, Natasha is put through her paces on a treadmill as Dom takes notes, mostly charting how Natasha's massively big tits bounce as she jogs. Natasha has confidence in this hands-on specialist who has his hands full training this sexy stunner. What his hands are full of is Natasha's soft, overflowing breast flesh. The next session is stretching. After some side-stretches, Natasha gets on the floor so Dom can stretch her legs apart. Natasha isn't wearing underwear under her skirt. That gives Dom an excellent view of her shaved pussy. When the workout is over, Natasha wants to see if Dom is really hard at work so she tugs on his shorts and out pops his boner. Natasha is happy to give it a lick and then a suck. As she leans forward, her huge tits rest on her thighs. Natasha wants a better workout than the one she just went through and she wants his dick as a training tool. What Natasha Sweet wants, Natasha Sweet gets. For much more of Natasha on a treadmill, check out the Bonus video, Treadmill Titillation.