Gina gives new meaning to Fuck The Boss

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60Plus MILFs: Hi, Gina, and welcome back. You're going to have sex today, aren't you? Gina: Yes, and the boy I am going to fuck is so young! I've always loved younger guys. I could be their mom, easily. They always go after me. 60Plus MILFs: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Gina: Well, I'm Italian. I live in San Diego. I like to workout. I'm trying, so I hope it's showing. I just love California. It's a fantastic place to live. A lot of hot guys. That's perfect! 60Plus MILFs: What do you do for fun in San Diego? Gina: I love the beach. I ride my bike. I like to suntan. Of course, some shopping, because that's what girls do. And meeting young guys. That's a lot of fun right there. 60Plus MILFs: When you're with a young guy who wants to have sex, what's the first thing he usually goes for? Does he go for your boobs? Does he eat your pussy? Gina: He'll usually touch my boobies and feel my body. They kiss me on the neck, and so we start kissing. And if it's a passionate kiss, then we go a lot further. I usually go down on my knees to see what's there. 60Plus MILFs: So you like to give blow jobs? Gina: I love sucking dick! I like the feel of it. I feel his power and strength and excitement and his desire. That turns me on a lot. 60Plus MILFs: Do you usually suck a guy until he cums? Gina: No, no! I just suck it to make him feel good and to make me feel good, of course. Then we play a little longer. We can do some penetration, all the good stuff. 60Plus MILFs: Needless to say, you're a very sexual person. Gina: I love sex. It's the best thing in the world to fuck a young man with a big cock. All women should try something like this.