Mamma Mia Natasha Sweets Sexy Job Interview

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We get to hear the lovely and stacked Natasha Sweet speak Italian when she interviews a job applicant. Mamma Mia! Natasha is studying a book about breasts when this young dude arrives for an interview. He doesn't speak Italian and Natasha's English is basic but they manage to find a subject in common. Her incredibly big, hot tits! Tits that guys crave to suck and fuck if they're lucky. Natasha shows him her fantastic boobs in close-up and lets him feel them too. He's shocked because he thinks her tits are plastic. Now he's about to learn something. She enjoys his single-minded attention and pulls his head closer, urging him to suck her nipples. This guy is quickly hooked on Natasha's boobs and it shows. You'd need a crowbar to get him off them. Natasha is an assertive woman who gets to the point. She unzips him and kneels on the floor so she can suck him hard and he can fuck her between the tits. As a test of his suitability as an assistant, Natasha bends over her desk so she can get fucked from behind. He doesn't empty his balls on her heavy tits as expected. He loses it all over her pussy. No matter where he nutted, he can now write home and tell his folks what a great job interview he had and what a beautiful interviewer he had.