Busty Neighbor Fucking

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Reyna Mae is just leaving her place when her neighbor Tony almost bumps into her. They make small talk and Tony, eyeing Reyna's huge mounds of tit-flesh, asks her what she's doing for the rest of the day. It's his lucky day because her man is busy elsewhere. They decide to have a drink in private. The conversation over a drink turns to Reyna's man not being around much lately, and then turns to her big boobs. He's a specialist in comforting girls who need cock because they have absentee boyfriends and husbands. Reyna Mae's always okay talking about her chest so easygoing Tony eases into the couch next to her and reaches out for a feel. Reyna has no objections and in a few moments, her twin peaks become his neck brace. Moving her panties aside, Tony finger-bangs Reyna Mae. She pulls his pants down so he can slide his meat between her breast-buns, and from there, slides into her waiting mouth for a hot BJ. After they bang on the couch and he jacks his nut all over her tits, he leaves her to rub it in like moisturizer. XLGirls: Do you watch your scenes or porn in general? What turns you on the most? Reyna Mae: I watch my scenes to edit them but I don't get turned on watching myself. I do sometimes watch porn. I like girl on girl, cum shots and anal. I especially like it when the woman is super-turned on and the chemistry between her and her partner is visible. XLGirls: Do you find that your sexual appetite has increased since you became a porn star? Reyna Mae: No. I've always been quite horny. XLGirls: What makes you cum the hardest and fastest? Reyna Mae: Vibration on my clit while being fucked or fingered at a slow or medium pace. XLGirls: What do your cam fans ask you to do the most? Reyna Mae: I get a ton of requests for fetishes. Bras that are too small, small penis humiliation, foot fetish and jerk off instructions. They ask me all kinds of questions. My fans like to get to know me and seem to feel comfortable opening up about their kinks or their desires. I love that! XLGirls: Most porn studs jack at the end of a scene. Do you ever talk about this with your fellow models or do you just accept this as the way it goes? Reyna Mae: I don't know that I've ever discussed it with another model. Even in real life, if a guy pulls out, he strokes a bit before cumming so it's quite normal. It's hot to be able to see his orgasm, in porn or real life. XLGirls: A lot of girls shoot once or twice and you never hear from them again. What's the secret of your longevity? Reyna Mae: I committed to the industry and worked hard to make it a career. I keep things professional and work hard. I interact with and appreciate my fans. XLGirls: Do new models ask you for advice? Reyna Mae: Yes. If I can tell that they are serious, I will take the time to give them tips. I always learn things from the newer models too. We should always be evolving and growing because the industry is.