Her Big Tits Open All Doors

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Most of us have to show our photo identification, such as a driver's license, when we do anything these days. It's a sad fact of life. Sure, if you're a world-famous celebrity (a good example would be Urkel from Family Matters), you can pretty much come and go anywhere you please without having to show your ID to anyone. For the majority, if you lose or forget your ID, you may have a hassle. Now, Summer Sinn is a different story. Summer needs no ID. You see, Summer's big tits can open any door, both literally and figuratively. Whether it's an airport security line, checking into a hotel, renting a car...literally any routine procedure, Summer doesn't have to worry if she forgets to bring along her ID. Summer has her own technique for getting through any checkpoint. Even if she didn't have her purse with her and her clothes were skin-tight, she could still store her identification in her deep cleavage. But Summer doesn't need to. Summer's tits are her ID. Like fingerprints, all pairs of tits are different. Summer's tits open any door and this scene is the proof. When she wants hard cock, no checkpoint is too difficult to pass through.