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We follow gorgeous and buxom Maya Milano into the bathroom. It's time for Maya to get wet and soapy all over, with special attention paid to her big natural boobs. The handheld showerhead makes Maya's beautiful body tingle as she sprays her sweet pussy. SCORELAND: Hello, Maya! Tell us, do you admire any models you have seen in SCORELAND? Maya: Yes, I like a lot of girls from SCORE. There are so many... SCORELAND: What are some of your hobbies? Maya: I enjoy dancing. I like to go out dancing very much. I will play music at home and dance. I like to sing also. In school, until the ninth grade, I even sang in the ensemble. SCORELAND: Do you like playing any sports? Maya: Yes, I visit the gym three times a week. SCORELAND: Do you have any funny habits? Maya: Most likely it is constantly looking at myself in the mirror, in the phone screen, in the shop windows and in the mirrors and windows of cars.