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Born in the People's Republic of China, Tiffany, 36, moved to the U.S. after high school. "Here in the U.S., it's a fast paced environment...competetive and fun. I learned English after arriving, so now I'm trilingual. I speak Mandarin, Cantonese and English. Men love when I talk dirty to them in another language, and I get to say the nastiest things because they'll never understand what I said!" "I was in a threesome once," Tiffany told us after we asked her if she likes having casual sex. "I do not have casual sex often, but when the mood is right and the men are caring and gentle, it can be fun. That was the case with my three-way. The two men are brothers, which made it more kinky for me. They fucked almost the exact same, so everything went smoothly. I would not have a threesome with another woman, however. I am only interested in having sex with men. Sorry, ladies."