Sausage Party

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Bro time for the big game on TV turns into go time when the sausage party thrown by Mya Blair turns into a tailgate party. A winner in the tits and ass lottery, Mya's the dish of the day instead of the wieners she lovingly made for her friend and his friend. Mya's always up for fun so when her squeeze generously offers to kick off a three-way party instead of watching TV, they forget all about the game and tackle Mya instead, taking turns getting head, playing with her big, soft, jiggling tits, and fucking her pussy and butthole. Their tailgate party turns into a wild screamfest! These two scored big-time with this gem of a girl-next-door. XLGirls: So Mya, have you told any of your friends about your modeling at XL Girls? Mya: I have told a few friends about it. Surprisingly, everyone has been extremely excited about it, too. XLGirls: Are you sexually adventurous in your personal life? Mya: I think I would say yes. I will try almost anything once. XLGirls: What would you like to say to members of XL Girls? Mya: Keep an eye out for more and follow me on social media. I plan on sticking around for a while.