Wanted More Office Employees Like Smiley Emma

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From head to toe, Smiley Emma is perfection. Every office should have their own Smiley Emma. If we had our way, every corporation would be managed by a Smiley Emma. There's only one Smiley Emma so that's impossible but men can dream of having a corporate corpus delicious like her in their workplace. Smiley is busy at her desk. She's very corporate from the neck up and looking good and business-like in her eyeglasses. From the neck down, Smiley's prestigious hooters are proudly on display in her low-cut blouse. It's impossible to not look at them. Smiley's paperwork bores her. The endless grind of office work makes her boobs yearn to be free. She takes her tits out and makes circles around her nipples with her pink marker. Soon her work is abandoned. There are better things to do, and Smiley Emma is going to focus on those things for the rest of this show.