Nikki Cars Cherry On Top

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When boobiful and bootiful lady-next-door Nikki Cars orders room service for ice cream, she gets full-service. No fucking around by lazy bell-hops. Joey is always ready to penetrate chubby, pretty, fleshy babes like Nikki. Nikki wants something sweet. Joey has something ready for her sweet tooth. XL Girls: Would you rather give a blow job or get eaten out? Nikki: I like sucking dick. But I wouldn't turn down oral either. I'm not gonna say, "No, you can't lick my pussy." I do enjoy it. XL Girls: Do you have a favorite sex position, or do you like them all? Nikki: I think doggie-style is my favorite position. I like to be bent over. XL Girls: Is it because the guy can fuck you hard? Nikki: Yeah, hard and deep and it's perfect like that. XL Girls: Is that what gets you off the best? Going hard? Nikki: Yes, definitely. Getting pounded in doggie-style. XL Girls: When did you start getting your boobs? Nikki: I was like they just grew overnight. I had like B-cup boobs right away. Then in high school they were huge. I had like D-cups. I didn't know what to do with these big ol' things!