Swimsuit Sizzle

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It's swimsuit time for Dulcinea. She's got lots of privacy to play. Dulcinea is as hot flying solo as she is in hardcore scenes. She bounces her big tits like crazy, slaps them hard, and her fapping is loud and clear when her hand pats her pussy. It's rare to see a girl play tit-games this vigorously. SCORELAND: Dulcinea, how often do you masturbate? What kind of toys do you like best? Dulcinea: About once a day. I recently learned how to cum with no stimulation, no toys, fingers, nothing. It's called a Tantric or "hands-free" orgasm. I can do this anytime I want but I will reach for a toy if I want to feel something inside me. I don't really like vibrators very much so my go-to toy is a dildo. I have a Real Skin one I got at the local sex shop that I named "'Edward." I also have "Alexander" and "Benedict" and it just does it for me every time! I like to prop up on it and ride, or fuck myself from behind with it. SCORELAND: A few girls call their toys "Bob," short for "battery-operated boyfriend." Do you find yourself touching your tits without thinking about it? Dulcinea: People have commented on this, actually. I hold them when I get really nervous or embarrassed. If I catch a glimpse of them in a mirror or window, I will literally bounce them up and down and say, "Look how hot my tits are!"