Natashas Sexy Bikini Shower Show

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Natasha Sweet's incredible, voluptuous body is on fire. This sensational bikini shower show Natasha does might cool her down for a few hours after she explodes with the help of her thick girl-toy. But only for a little while as the heat builds up again in this passionate woman. Natasha lives in Italy and if there is a bigger-breasted babe just as gorgeous and shapely as Miss Sweet, she's going to have to contact us and prove it. "I feel my sexiest when I am wearing a very tight dress that makes my boobs stand out," Natasha says. "It should be tight all over. Red is my favorite color for a dress when I want to seize every man's attention. I always wear the highest heels. Many men compliment me about my walk when I am dressed in a tight dress and high-heeled shoes."