Roxi Is Hot. Fix Her A

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Roxi Red is hot. She needs her air conditioner fixed. In the meantime, Roxi is trying to cool off with a tiny handheld fan. It's not doing the job, not with those huge hooters. Maybe she can get one nipple cooled off. She's having a one-woman wet tank-top contest in the house. Finally the A/C repairman shows up. It turns out to be her fuck-friend JMac. It's a small world for natural wonders like Roxi. Already hot, Roxi gets hotter when she lets him in to check out her unit, and he knows how to check out this lady's unit. Not able to keep his attention off Roxi's front grill, he looks at the A/C for a few seconds and returns again to bug-eye her louvers. Roxi herself forgets about the A/C when JMac plays with her tits and ignores the repair job, cooling her boobs off with his tongue. Roxi doesn't care about the heat in her heated condition. Not when she can have some expert tool time.