Kianna And Lexxis Busty Lesbian Session

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Slim and stacked SCORE babe Lexxi Tyler was somewhat surprised at first when she walked into room 6969. She was expecting to see a man when she was hired for this date. She didn't expect to see Asian super-hottie Kianna Dior sitting there with a stack of bills in her hand. Kianna's been impaled by hundreds of dicks and drenched in man-batter just as many times. Tonight, she wants to be serviced totally by a beautiful girl with a talented tongue and a pink, wet pussy. Lexxi is pleased. She loves a nice snatch as much as a guy does. The girls don't say much for the first few minutes, they just moan and oooh and aaah. Kianna leans back in the chair, her cunt exposed by her crotchless panties. Lexxi kisses, licks and spits on Kianna's cuzzie, pulling the cunt-lips with her mouth-lips. Kianna drools on her own perky tits as Lexxi licks Kianna's body all over. Kianna is anxious to taste shaved, clean pussy herself. She removes Lexxi's black panties to lick and spit on her thick-lipped pink slit. Lexxi fucks Kianna with two-fingers, driving the brunette sizzler into spasms of orgasmic nirvana. "It's hitting my G-spot!" Kianna screams, putting the two fingers in her mouth to suck down her own cunt juice. Lexxi goes to the bathroom and comes back wearing a strap-on plastic dick. "Suck my cock, spit on it, you dirty bitch. You dirty whore," she orders Kianna. "Swallow that cock whole! Like the way I throat fuck you?" Kianna, known around the free world as one of the best and messiest deep-throaters of all-time in porn, takes the toy all the way in her mouth. This is when the nasty slut comes out of both babes. Their real natures? "Lay down, I'm gonna titty-fuck you," orders Lexxi, enjoying her dominance of Kianna's body. When Kianna takes the strap-on in her sopping wet pussy, all hell breaks loose. "Fuck my dirty cunt," Kianna cries in the grip of erotic delirium. It was one of the horniest snatch sessions SCORE ever shot and that's saying a lot.