So Busted

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This was Kylee Nash's first SCORE video, now upgraded to HD. Kylee Nash is in prison because she's too hot-looking to be out in public. She could cause a lot of traffic and construction site accidents. Therefore in her best interests, and for the protection of society, she's being kept behind bars. If you don't believe these statements, then watch this video. Stuck in "So-busted Penitentiary" for wayward girls, Kylee gets so wound up that there's only one way for her to express herself. Her boobs won't fit through the bars, forcing her to relieve the stress on her cot. Prison life would be interesting with Kylee as a cellmate. "I was a bit nervous because I wasn't sure how it would turn out," Kylee said. "But it was really fun." Kylee's perfect day is "Staying in bed all day having sex, cuddling and eating pizza." That sounds like most women's prisons.