Preggo Wet

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Roxanne Miller gets wet in XL Girl's wrap-up of her pregnancy series. The happy, cuddly Euro-babe has since given birth and mom and baby are doing just fine. "This was my Christmas present," Roxanne said. "All the changes came after that. It was, like, wow. It's so amazing. Nature is so amazing, from the color of my nipples to the size of my chest, to, actually, everything!" Pregnancy made Roxanne much more sensitive to touch and heightened her other senses. "My nipples became brown and even the size of them became bigger. My veins became more visible. In the first trimester, I would touch my nipples and, oh, my god, I became wet. I remember one night, in the first trimester, I was moving from side-to-side, and I was still able to sleep on my belly. I tried to move from the left side to the right side, and my boobs rubbed against the bed, and I was like, oh, my god, I'm horny." The most ordinary things got Roxanne sexually excited. "Even getting clothes on, and stuff like that, the fabric rubbing my nipples and skin, I was getting so horny. That was amazing. It still is. Sex became interesting because I was trying to protect my bump but it felt like my vagina was willing to have fun, and it felt kind of different than before. I guess from the hormones. It was all kind of an adventure."