Body Sundae

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You can always wander into the kitchen of a SCORE set and find a hot babe whipping something up. Here, the hot babe is sexy cat Tigerr Benson. Tigerr's just shot her "Kitchen Kitten" scene and now she's going to turn herself into a human sundae. There's always something tasty going on with her. SCORELAND: So Tigerr, do you get better service at stores, in restaurants or any other place? Tigerr: Always. As a girl you can flutter your eyelids and smile but if you have big boobs, you'll get a lot more. I've got freebie things and gone in front of queues and best of all gotten priority seating and reservations to restaurants. I hate waiting about. SCORELAND: What's your favorite restaurant and your favorite dish? Tigerr: My current favorite restaurant is Gaggan in Thailand. It's a 20-course meal. My favorite dishes on a quiet night in is Vongole Spaghetti or Goya Champaru, that's Okinawan. SCORELAND: Have you ever thought of making a plaster cast of your bust? Tigerr: I would like to. Do you know of anyone? It would be great to touch my own boobs. If I can make them into human life-size!