Bush Garden

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Mischel Lee "Czechs" herself out in a full-length mirror and she likes what she sees. Big boobs, small waist, tight ass cheeks and sleek legs. She said she's happy with her bigger tits and loves how they look in and out of tight tops and bras. "I get a lot more attention now than I ever did," Mischel said to her photographer who passed on that comment. She gets off on her busty body just as much as a guy does. As a rare member of the Big Bush Club (a tiny club that includes Vanessa Y. and Shelby Gibson), Mischel gets a lot more attention when she slips off her panties or moves them to the side. "I like playing with girls too but most guys want to see me with men," Mischel acknowledges. "Girls can give me nice oral sex, my favorite." Shelby Gibson herself commented under a Mischel photo set, "OMG, a short slim and stacked brunette with upsized implants and a nice hairy bush. She is gorgeous!! I would LOVE a threesome with her!!"