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Mariya Mills was spotted by a friend of a TSG photographer who knows plump T&A talent when he sees it. His buddy introduced her and they met and talked. Mariya was interested. Now she's an XL Girl. Mariya wears a J-cup bra. She buys them on the internet because she can't just get them off the rack without having to go from store to store. "I wear all kinds of styles but I prefer bright colors. I do emphasize my breasts when I choose outfits to wear. I like the attention but only if it's nice and not rude. I don't like it when men make loud comments in the street about me in front of other men." This cameraman prefers to frame girls from head-to-toe and gradually get closer until he's a few inches from their pussies. He also tends to get low and shoot up. Mariya fingered herself after some encouragement, a first on-camera experience for this newcomer. "Of course I masturbate," Mariya told him. "All people do it. I'm just shy to talk about it. This is my first time."