Hypnosis For Sex

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Sheridan Love is the assistant to a guy who has big plans for her. She hasn't given him a tumble since she was hired so he switches to plan F after everything else has failed to attraction her interest. The first step is ordering a special book. This book is called "Hypnosis For Sex" and the author boasts that you can score the girls of your dreams with a few simple hypnotic commands. Calling Sheridan into his office, he plans to try it out on his stacked secretary. Stacked is an understatement. Sheridan's beauty and curves hypnotize the average guy and her tight tank dress was made to hug her shapely, busty bod. She's been driving him nuts since day one. He tells Sheridan to take notes as he recites the trance-inducing lingo from the book. She has no idea what he's doing. She's just writing it all down. Sheridan begins to feel warm. Then she starts to feel her pussy getting wet and her nipples harden. The hypno-horny commands are taking hold. He plans to fuck Miss Love right then and there in his office if this stuff actually can do the trick and it's looking like it's working. Sheridan is under his control and doesn't know she's being guided into a hypno-sex state so she thinks she's hot for action. Her boss comes around her, gets her dress off and feeds her his boner for the best blow job and tit fuck of his life, then sits so Sheridan can mount his pole for the first ride, her bare feet balancing on his thighs. This is one book that's actually worth its weight in hot girls.