Wet Tee Teaser

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Katie Thornton does an expert car wash as we all know. You're seen the photographic proof. Now we put Katie to work again. Most girls don't do windows but Katie does and she does it here. Of course, our actual ulterior motive is to see the SCORE Newcomer of the Year award winner get all wet and soapy and press her world-class boobs against glass in a wet tee show. She could beat any rival in a wet tee contest in Florida, or any other state or country. It's enough to drive a guy out of his ever-lovin' mind. After showering, Katie dries off and gets into bed for a few, then dresses to head out to Miami Beach for more tourist play. She enjoys the pleasures of south Florida and even says if she could, she'd like to buy a house here and cruise around in a sports car. A beautiful blonde in a sports car? Works for us.