Breakin In The SCORE House

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When Christy first moved in to the SCORE house here in sunny Miami, our camera crew had a few tales to tell about her sexcapades, but none as memorable as the tale of her first day. "When we got there, there were clothes everywhere. Not, like, clothes from her suitcase, but, like, clothes that looked like they had been ripped off in a hurry," says cameraman Jorge. "And the house looked like a hurricane had hit it. Overturned chairs and things all over the counters and tabletops. We couldn't figure out what had happened. Well, that is until we went into the garage and found Christy fucking one of our studs on a tool box! Apparently, they felt that they should break the house in by fucking in every room and on every surface. We would have been mad if we hadn't been so impressed by their stamina. We should have known better than to leave her somewhere unsupervised. Christy is an unstoppable fuck-force of nature. Where there is a cock, she will be on it, no matter what it takes."