A Big Bang For A Horny Brit Babe

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Sarah Jane has traveled to Prague from her home in England to model for XL Girls. Steve, one of the studs who gets to bonk the XL Girls who do boy-girl, gets to take Sarah around Prague and show her the tourist bits and take her shopping. A man's favorite activity, right? Taking a woman shopping. Even the devil would rather stay in hell than do that. When they get back to the apartment where the crew is waiting, Steve is wiped out. That's not going to work for chatty, good-natured Sarah Jane who expects a fun time while she's out of the country. Meanwhile, the photographer is waiting. Sarah Jane has her own way of revitalizing Steve and she doesn't take the old "I'm tired" line as an excuse to not get fucked. And the first step is to hover over him as he's flat on his back in bed and shake her tits in his face and tease his cock with her talented hands. She wants a hard dick in her face and gets his pants down so she can jerk and suck him hard. Steve eats and fingers Sarah, getting her pink hole all warm and juicy, all the better to shove his bloated prick into her tight snatch and give her a fuck she'll think about when she's back home in Blighty.