Cats Back

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Cat Bangles is back! We've been waiting for Cat to return and now the wait is over. "I love watching the videos and looking at the photos I've done," Cat said. "They were so hot. Every time I come to The SCORE Group, it's a blast, like my home away from home. I can just be my sexy self. I love it. I've watched my scenes with a friend I was interested in at the time. So I showed him a few clips. He was turned on and impressed with my talent. It gave him a hard-on instantly. Then we talked about the scene and reenacted them. I gave him a blow job to start. The sex was awesome!" What gets Cat feeling sexy on any given day? "Wearing a new dress and some high heels and going on a date so he can show me off. I love the attention I get. It makes me feel so good and it's a great confidence builder." In her first return video, Cat gets very verbal, purring like a kitten as she peels out of her lingerie to blow you away with her soft curves.