Katarina the body

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We first photographed the beautiful Katarina Dubrova in 2007, and I met her for the first and only time during the "On Location Hungary" trip in 2008. The crew and the models stayed at an old castle in the countryside, and there were a lot of studs staying with us since this was a mixed solo/XXX shoot. All of the studs wanted to fuck Katarina, but she was only doing tits 'n' tugs at the time, not even blow jobs. Later on, she would go all the way but only with her boyfriend. She even fucked while pregnant, which most girls won't do. So even though Katarina looks innocent, she really isn't. Katarina is Czech and was going to school when we found her. She began modeling at 19 years old. She speaks very little English, only Czech. Elliot once wrote, "While initially she expressed some doubts about taking her clothes off for the SCORE camera (something about her parents finding out), those concerns melted away. One thing Katarina had no doubts about at all was tingling her slick pussy with a vibrator." Katarina isn't super-busty but she's busty enough, especially for a natural. I find her posing especially hot because when you see a girl like this, you think, "Oh, she won't do anything." But then she does it all, which makes it hotter. Don't get me wrong. I love sluts. But there's something about nice girls who show their tits and pussies on camera, too.