Its A String Swimsuit Thing

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Katie Thornton wearing a stringy swimsuit? That works for us. She's one of those SCORE Girls with an ultimate swimsuit body. After dazzling us with that big boobed physique and beautiful face, Katie heads for the nearest body of water, in this case, a bathtub. SCORE: What's your bra size now, Katie? Katie: I think they're about a 32 double-G but they might be bigger because my bras don't fit. SCORE: Do you always wear a bra? Katie: No. When I'm going out partying, I will never wear a bra. SCORE: Do you play any sports? Katie: I used to, but I can't really do any sports now with these. SCORE: Have you got any hobbies? Katie: When I'm not working, I'm partying. I'm a big party girl. And shopping. They're my hobbies.