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Naturally stacked Alexya was not only blessed by the magic wand of the boob fairy, she was given a gorgeous face and body. Alexya likes to keep her big boobs and shapely body in motion. "I dance and I ride horses. They are my favorite activities. I do a little working out but not a lot. I swim and do Pilates. I would like to go skydiving. I have never jumped with a parachute and it looks exciting." Alexya is a nature girl. "I am very guided by scent. I love the smell of perfume, flowers and certain foods. I like to be outside in the spring when the flowers are in bloom and the air is sweet from their natural perfume." We can picture Alexya in a field of flowers, running naked in slow motion, her big boobs bouncing as she approaches. Comments a member called Thepeeper, "She reminds me a lot of Joana. Fine looking woman and excited to see more of her!" We all will be seeing more of Alexya at SCORELAND.