Resistance Is Futile

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Resistance is not only futile. It would be crazy. Who would...who could...want to resist the charms of Katie Thornton. She's out and out irresistible from the tips of her toes to the top of her head. Possibly the highest compliment paid by SCORELAND members comes from Jeffrexx01 who writes "I would definitely cheat on my wife to get with Katie." We're getting addicted to Katie at SCORELAND. That face, those boobs, that perfect body. This Katie fix should satisfy for the time being but then you're going to want more. We know that need to feed the Katie craving. Katie says she's an assertive girl. She likes her sex hard and fast from behind and has fantasies about girls. Foreplay? Katie's not big on it. She wants the action. When she's seeing someone, she wants sex once a day. If she's single, she'll spank it several times a day. It's hot by that fireplace but Katie is even hotter.