Seductive Student

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Avalon is something of a bad girl, seducing this guy in an empty classroom by taking off her shirt. He may look like a nerd, but his cock is already hard by the time she takes it out of his pants. Avalon gives the BJ her all, bobbing up and down, jacking, sucking and letting the spit drip off her lips. Such a heartfelt cock-sucking deserves an equally enthusiastic tongue-lashing. He bends her over, fingering her pussy and licking her asshole. Being the seductress she is, Avalon hops on top in reverse cowgirl and puts those legs to use, bouncing her pussy up and down his shaft. In return he drills her twat as she's laid out on the desk. The beads of sweat on her brow mix with the cum that's sprayed on her face, and you know this was a good fuck.