Flowers a BBC and a creampie

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Of all the flower shops in the world, Stallion had to walk into Sable Renae's. Good thing he did. Stallion's in the doghouse with his girlfriend, and Sable's passion is taking advantage of young guys who can't keep their cocks in their pants. It makes sense. 1.) Sable, a wife and mom, loves young cock. 2.) Guys who walk into a flower shop to buy flowers for their wives and girlfriends are easy marks because they've already shown they're willing to stray. 3.) Sable buys a flower shop to take advantage of these guys. Here, Sable asks Stallion to help her pick out some flowers. She starts touching him. He says he can't help himself. He's just a hound dog. He definitely can't help himself when Sable starts handling his package. Before long, Sable is sucking and fucking his big, black cock all over the shop and getting a load of cum inside her pussy. Flowers and a creampie...sounds like a good day at work. Of course, Stallion still has a problem with his girlfriend. But when there's 44-year-old pussy like Sable's to fuck, why sweat it?