Busty Bedazzler

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"When guys stare at my boobs or say something to me about them, I actually like to pretend sometimes that I am pissed off about it, but it is all part of the act. I love it." So said Scarlet LaVey, our busty bedazzler. Scarlet is a great Voluptuous babe who is always ready to roll... in more ways than one because she's also a skateboarder. Scarlet makes the most of her non-stop body, big 38H-cup boobs and beautiful face. Scarlet has what it takes to rocket to the top. Johnny has nine inches for Scarlet and she is as hot to suck on it, and his balls, as he is to suck and lick those sexy, sweet-tasting nipples. She sucks on his dick on her hands and knees, she sucks the head of his cock as it slides past the deep valley of her amazing cleavage and she kneels before him to suck on his balls, spit a big stream of saliva on his cock and offer her big boobs for him to tit-fuck again. "I like to be on top. I have better orgasms when I am the one who is doing the work to get there. If not, I like doggie-style. But I like to be in doggie-style on my knees." One of Scarlet's favorite fantasies is a hard one to fulfill on-camera, and for us, way too much of a sausage-fest. "I think my favorite fantasy is that I want to have sex with 20 tattooed guys all at once." But hey, it's Scarlet's fantasy. She'll find a way if she wants it.