Horny Matrimony

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It's a Nikky Wilder fantasy wedding and she is the fantasy bride, resplendent in her white veil and bridal lingerie. An all-nighter with Nikky on her bridal bed for this white wedding is pure pleasure. Nikky's a vocal girl and likes to tell you exactly what she wants to be done to her soft, dangerous curves. "To make a man feel special, I touch his arms, shoulders, back and chest while looking into his eyes," Nikky reveals. "If he does the same things to me that I'm doing to him, it lets me know that he's in the moment and only thinking of me." Nikky likes to spend time at a quiet beach with her toes in the sand, but if this was her honeymoon week, she wouldn't be spending much time outdoors. She'd be in bed the whole time getting fucking and licked by her groom. And that suits her just fine!