Lust at first sight

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We're professionals here at NaughtyMag. We've seen thousands of girls naked and heard them spill the secrets of their very dirty private lives to us, and it rarely fazes us. But we were blushing the entire time we interviewed Charlotte. Here are the highlights of our conversation. NM: What was your high school experience like? Charlotte: Fun! They were some of the best years of my life. I did gymnastics, competitive cheerleading, field hockey and volleyball. But I'm 5'4", so I knew that I was never going to be professional volleyball player! NM: Did you ever fool around with your teammates? Charlotte: Oh yeah. My best friend from high school and I played around at a cheerleading competition once. It was the most orgasmic experience I've had. NM: Wow! Was that the kinkiest thing you've ever done? Charlotte: Nope. My kinkiest encounter was probably when my boss called me into his office and played with my pussy while I have him sloppy, wet head. NM: Do you have any special talents? Charlotte: Squirting. Well, guys. There you have it. Charlotte gave us some of the best interview answers we've ever heard. Now check her out while she fingers her cunt just for you!