Blooming Rose

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Special guest from SCORELAND Chloe Rose makes her first appearance at XL Girls. This sexy 24-year-old from Dallas, Texas decided to apply to The SCORE Group after her best guy friend's dad told her about it. It turns out that his dad is a longtime SCORE fan and he eagerly encouraged Chloe to model. (We like how this man thinks. He must approve of his son's friends.) so Chloe wrote and was accepted immediately. Chloe tried topless dancing but that stint on stage showing her natural big tits only lasted about two weeks when her dad's friends dropped into the club she was dancing in. As newcomer stories go, Chloe's is very interesting and different. Chloe enjoys swimming, dancing, working out, shopping and studying. She's in college so modeling is a combination of an all-expenses paid vacation, a new experience and a potential part-time avocation. Sounds like a plan! Chloe goes for a dip in the pool (lots of nice floating tits moments) and when she emerges, she heads indoors to finger-probe her young, fresh pussy and jiggle her beautiful, heavy breasts.