First Tits Tugs

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"I'm gonna fuck somebody with my tits," Kamryn says excitedly when asked what she's going to do today. Isn't it great when the sweetest-sounding girls say the naughtiest things? We love it. And we love Kamryn Monroe, which is why she's back with us, and why we couldn't be happier that she's shooting her first tits and tugs. "I'm excited," she added. "I've never done this on-camera before. I'm expecting a lot of cum." Smart gal. There's definitely torrents of jizz in your forecast, Kamryn. Our friend JMac lives for tit-fucking thick chicks. And Kamryn doesn't waste any time getting to work on him when he enters the scene. First, she teases JMac's cock through his jeans, and you can see her excitement when she finally pulls it out. Kamryn starts with a handjob before planting his meat firmly in the nook between her tits. JMac lays Kamryn down on the bed and goes to work himself, his cock disappearing in between her tits. When Kamryn feels him about to cum, she gets off the bed, jerks him off and ensures every drop of jizz coats her tits.