Reds First XXX

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What gets Red Vixen hot? What prepares her for the game of sex? What are the fucking positions that really turn her on to the max? Red will tell you and then she will show you as the cameras roll. It's Red Vixen's first hardcore experience at SCORE with a porn pro stud (Tony DeSergio) and it's an epic one. It's may be the California redhead's debut sex-session here but when it comes to sex itself, Red knows how to make it hot and satisfying for herself and her bed partners. The wife of a SCORE reader, Red was encouraged by her hub to pose but it took her time to finally take the step. We're only sorry it didn't happen earlier! Red's made up for lost time with her introductory shoots and now this very steamy connection. Red brings her special style of sex appeal to the big boob show, a mix of erotic seduction and wham-bam heat. Her porcelain skin, blue eyes and brilliant red hair add even more va-va-voom to her photogenic sex appeal. Busty gingers (such as Jolie Rain and Brandy Dean) have always been difficult to find. The trend of wives of readers (such as Barbie Kelley and Shelby Gibson) sending in their at-home snaps and applying to is accelerating with Red being the latest member of the "Busty Housewives of SCORE." We hope to see this trend expand! It's our kind of "sexual liberation." Thank you and welcome aboard, Red Vixen!